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/  KC Chiefs Handling Numerous Injuries Ahead of Week 3 Video
KC Chiefs Handling Numerous Injuries Ahead of Week 3 Video                 


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  KC Chiefs Handling Numerous Injuries Ahead of Week 3 Video

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 The Kansas City Chiefs are just a handful of days away from a Week 3 meeting with the Chicago Bears,  yet the group goes to far from full stamina on the health front.Taking the platform on Wednesday morning,  head trainer Andy Reid rattled off a checklist of five players that are presently taking care of various disorders. This is a stark comparison from his talk about Monday when he didn't have much to share. The upgraded collection of players consists of running back Isiah Pacheco,  receivers Richie James and Kadarius Toney,  along with linebackers Nick Bolton and Willie Gay Jr.: James: knee/MCL (information not defined)Pacheco: hamstring contusionToney: sprained toeBolton: sprained ankleGay: quad contusionPer Reid,  the duo of Bolton and Gay took part in the Chiefs' early morning walkthrough. None of the abovementioned five gamers will certainly practice on Wednesday mid-day,  however,  and all yet James were explained as "daily" by Reid. James's MCL injury might be a longer-term situation than his other colleagues who will certainly miss practice.Entering Kansas City's Week 2 match against the Jacksonville Jaguars last Sunday,  Toney and James got on the injury record with knee injuries. Reid quickly mentioned complying with the game that Toney was taking care of a minor foot issue. Bolton and Gay exited the game at various points on Sunday afternoon,  although they both handled to return and aided Steve Spagnuolo's defense safeguard the victory. Pacheco,  that spent a good chunk of training camp and the preseason recovering from offseason shoulder surgical procedure,  carried on 12 times for 70 yards in Week 2 and resembled the gamer who break onto the scene as a novice. Reid's messaging suggests that none of the non-James disorders are significant  with the next few days certainly bringing even more quality. The Chiefs' very first official,  team-issued injury record of the week is expected to be launched in the future Wednesday.



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