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  NBA 2K23 Needs To Steal Madden 22's Latest Feature

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MT 2K23 is yet to be announced officially . However, most people think it will launch during the second week of September. We're getting nearing the date of release, but we have not heard anything about new features or confirmed the names of the athletes on the cover. But, several leaks are being circulated. It doesn't matter who is on the cover or what many of the 10 items that we would love to see in this year's game. But, NBA 2K23 will almost certainly be missing one element that was in Madden 22 has, regardless of what.

Madden 22 introduces Momentum Factors to their gameplay. They're designed to recreate the tug-of-war that can occur within one NFL game. The M-Factors add an element of home-field advantage. Every NFL team has a unique M-Factor that is activated during a game. The M-Factors for home field are designed to be related to the stadium, team and the city. While I was at the exclusive preview event at the start of June I was unable to help but think at the thought, what a cool idea if NBA 2K had an option like NBA 2K MT For Sale this in their game?

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  Re: ปล่อยไม้แบด ARCSABER 2 รายการ

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  ปล่อยไม้แบด ARCSABER 2 รายการ

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1.Arcsaber 11 สีแรก 3U/G5 รหัส IP มีรอยสีถลอก แต่ไม่เข้าเนื้อ
ขอปล่อยที่ราคา (ขายแล้ว)
2.ARCSABER FB สีน้ำเงิน F/G5 รหัสTH มีรอยสีถลอก 
ขอปล่อยที่ราคา 3,000

ปล.ขอรูปเพิ่มเติมได้ที่ ไลน์: homealone120


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