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  RuneScape - It might look like an odd idea

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It's the kind of account that takes advantage of OSRS gold Void Knight Armour bonuses to get high hit rates while keeping the lowest Combat Level. Void Pures are typically rangers as the Rune Crossbow is already painful and when paired when combined with Void Knight equipment can be much more destructive. Void Pures are also more secure to fight with than normal accounts because they are not at risk in fights.

Void Knight equipment cannot be traded and, therefore, cannot be lost even at levels below Wilderness levels. If you choose to play this way tend to concentrate on getting the highest levels of Range, while maintaining low melee stats. The level of defence is typically the same as Zerkers therefore it is at around 45 levels. Because of this, the typical combat level of Voider should be between 70 and 100.

It's a special kind of One Defence Pure which focuses on boosting Magic levels. Without a doubt, among the toughest and most dangerous Pure in the game. Magic users can cast different spells, which means that the target will not know what struck the target before it occurs.

There's a broad range of spells for taking down targets from Ancient Magics, Flames of Zamorak or Toxic Staff of the Dead. Also, those accounts usually are very low in Combat Levels (around 40 to 60), which makes these accounts even more dangerous.

It might look like an odd idea, but many people believe that it is. People who have chosen to pursue this option often boost both Defence and Magic stats. They will sacrifice lower Combat Levels to gain higher Defence and Magic levels, which allows them to put on better magic armor. It's usually because of the risk that comes from playing in a Mage Pure. This build requires top-of-the-line sets, which might cause a significant loss of buy OSRS GP in the scenario of failure.
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