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The FRESH WotLK ADVENTURES Mage PvP/Leveling Skyfury WotLK                 


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  The FRESH WotLK ADVENTURES Mage PvP/Leveling Skyfury WotLK

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It seems like they dropped the ball in WoW Classic SoD Gold their euphoria, they have actually dropped the ball on the launch. I'm surprised that they were afraid of stability issues or some other thing. So we wanted to spread it around. I mean, that's good to hear that you've mentioned it up to now. The stability of their servers has been very predictable in NA and the server has been full nearly all the time. If the keys weren't so long, but they've always been filled.

At the moment, singing songs you've heard, and dancing, say that I've been able to run fine. I'm not sure why I've been doing in Europe that the server is larger.

I've never seen any crash. There was probably a maintenance about 3am or 4am. So I am not even aware of it. Other than that all good. I've had a few issues with add-ons this morning I was able to mess up my live stream as my bartender wouldn't work with the add on.

So I tried to fix it. I was unable to log in today. I went online in the early morning hoping that there would be some sort of fix for the update or some other thing that wasn't. I'm guessing it took around an additional hour. In total, it took like 15 hours for to get the Add on. We were able to get an update on the Add on to ensure that it was fixed. It was working finally but I was in a position to not play since how could you play with out action bars?

I'm sure I've experienced another problem with a mob trapped in textures. I began to attack one of the mobs in zargar March while I was building my dk. He was able to fall through the textures and vanished. I couldn't grip him back or anything. So you see even retail even Classic isn't without bugs. This isn't limited to private servers.

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The FRESH WotLK ADVENTURES Mage PvP/Leveling Skyfury WotLK News WOTLK News

As a priest, I do not want this man to.

Are The WOTLK Servers Fresh and Fun to play as Mage?

The mage could do *censor* now he's in a place where the odds are away I'm calm calm yeah yeah yeah to WoW Season of Discovery Gold hurt him slowly, I'll slow him down and guide him because his friends are flooding in like no lifers what why are there so many males?



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