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  Free Lost Ark Gold Giveaway Now Running at

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Lost Ark players have the opportunity to earn some unique rewards by participating in the Lost Ark Fever Time event. This was a great surprise to me. For some time now, in-game I've been able to get free loot in the form of Twitch drops and Prime Gaming Rewards drops, including Lost Ark Gold, gear, and more. However, thanks to the Lost Ark Fever Time event, now we can get more opportunities.

The Lost Ark Fever Time event begins on Saturday, March 19th and runs through Sunday, April 10th. During the Lost Ark Fever Time event, each of my characters can receive three battle item boxes on Saturdays and Sundays every weekend, including the Healing Battle Item Box, the Practical Battle Item Box, and the Offensive Battle Item Box. If I'm not good enough to get these items I can also spend Lost Ark Gold to get them.

In fact, I usually choose to go to IGGM when I need to buy Lost Ark Gold. I am already a VIP member of IGGM. Because the price is really cheap and they also provide the latest news. I never have to worry about getting banned. Recently, They give away free Lost Ark Gold when we buy Lost Ark Gold at IGGM. I'm already on my way !


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