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/  That's gonna be just like 2k21
That's gonna be just like 2k21                 


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  That's gonna be just like 2k21

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I'll gladly pay some cash to Nba 2k21 Mt acquire the best basketball game in the world, if you believe that you can find better go ahead matches cost money and that's never changed, if you dont want cover visit the"free to play" section.It's hard to be hopeful after what we've gotten the last couple of years. Each COD game released annually is made by a different studio that they"paid" for. Hence the shxtty amount of microtransactions they induce into their player.2K on the other hand employs the identical game then simply add new features by simply tweaking some of these codes from the last game, launch it as a $60 game then call it a day.

Does the webpage ever work? Since 2k is trying to finesse ppl to invest extra money for a sport that's gonna be just like 2k20... I'd rather stick wit my elite 2k20 account til next gen with gym rat and all my maxed builds instead of start over at rookie for 4 months and then just begin at novice again on next gen lol. Also perhaps if they see their sales are *censor* they'll fix up (even tho this will not be the case cuZ many ppl will still buy it), but unless they do something extreme I am not paying extra to get a game I will barely even play for a few months when I already have the Specific same game

The lack of new ports, options, and construct design are my qualms. I don't care too much how the game appears graphically. I want fresh menus, interfaces, build choices, better gameplay... that kinda thing. Take out pro 2 spam, place scoring cheese on 100% contested shots, godly displays where pickdodger will nothing. So many simple things could be added and taken away to impress me but nope.

They are not releasing any information about the other styles. If they are prepared, they would've teased them months prior to not two months before the games release.What's the purpose of calling them out after the games release anyhow? Everyone's attention will be focused into enjoying the game that they overpaid for and also the anticipation of the next gen 2k21. This is the only time to phone them out. The one I created came with the badge divide of 1/27/21/8. I intend on using it since the two guard for 3 and ProAm. I played with going down because it could eventually speedboost (gym rat or 96 overall).Yeah and 27 badges is like pure sharps 30 in the last year when quickdraw is eliminated. Insert in floor general/dimer and you're reay difficult to miss.

Yeah I played a few similar shooting builds to test badges some. I only tried the elastic release once and obtained something similar. That game I had been trying the shot stick more. I'm awaiting 2kLab's badge analyzing. If shooting will require higher stats (via Mike Wang's tweet), then I am wondering if they buffed the badges.Dunno if you played in presentation but for me personally every slightly early/late shot triggered elastic release. Not sure if it is a bug, or they buffed badge. Either way nice way to mt for sale 2k21 spend few extra badges.<img class="informenter-marker-hide" id="informenter-marker-id" title="右键点击切换位置" src="moz-extension://74aa5ab4-0e8b-48db-8d30-24e16e78d9e7/img/informenter-marker-1.png" border="0">

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  Re: That

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NBA 2k21 is a fantastic game in my opinion. Although it is somewhat pay to win, you can still grind and build a strong team. I simply hope that in future updates, they improve the MyPlayers faces and optimize the game for lower-end devices. It's quite good now that we can play against other people. The one thing I don't like is that it takes a long time to level up your guys, but I suppose that's part of the game. However, there are a plethora of games available for download, such as download game punishing: gray raven on or just click here.


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