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/  Pardon the huge words, and thanks ahead of time.
Pardon the huge words, and thanks ahead of time.                 


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  Pardon the huge words, and thanks ahead of time.

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(Off-topic: Hello everybody, I am the exact same Just Someone from before, the one who did . I've come out of sin. Nice to return in Sal's) From what I gather, ranged has changed radically for p2p in RuneScape gold the time that I was inactive. However, I'm f2p, and things have not really changed - it is still bow and arrow, or that pathetic peashooter called the crossbow. With the release of dungeoneering, the most powerful weapon I can get is your sighted maple longbow. I had thought it would be, but I conversed with a member who said that"longbow neglects" period. I feel the topic merits further investigation.

Here's the information I gathered so far: Shortbows fire a little less than twice as quickly as longbows, and I'm pretty sure are on rapid. Ranged stat bonuses are irrelevant to max hit for variety - only range lvl and metal on the arrow matters. Watching a person with lvl 60 range, iron arrows, even sighted maple longbow, did not create harm that was spectacular by any way I understand. I believe I just about kept up with him, lvl 53 range, steel arrows, maple shortbow. The counterargument is, high ranged stat bonuses higher average harm, which can translate into faster kills over time.

And critically, here's a point of concept: why a scimi (or even a rune sword, for that matter) defeats the battleaxe is the fact that it may hit twice at the time a battleaxe strikes. Supposing someone hits max 150 with a b'axe, the scimi can hit 2x130 or even 2x100 in precisely the same period of time and conquer the harm. This stage is a lot stronger from the shortbow-longbow question, because the longbow does not even strike harder than the shortbow. The dice are more important than ever - if a shortbow hits for at least 50 percent of cheap OSRS gold the max hit every moment, the longbow can not fit it even scoring maximum hits on every shooter. Pardon the huge words, and thanks ahead of time.<img class="informenter-marker-hide" id="informenter-marker-id" title="右键点击切换位置" src="moz-extension://cbf73353-9f37-4ce6-b1a0-38d32b53493f/img/informenter-marker-1.png" border="0">


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